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Dr Sunila J Prasad

MBBS, BSc (Hons) in Reproductive Medicine, MRCPCH, Lic Ac

As a Paediatric doctor, I am aware of when Western medicine is absolutely necessary. From my experience, I have also seen where alternative medical approaches might be well suited to complement conventional treatment. I believe that by appreciating the fascinating history and philosophies in Chinese medicine, we can gain incredible benefits for our health.

Through my experience in the NHS and having completed a 3-year diploma in Acupuncture, I will be treating you through a truly holistic lens. I also hold additional competencies in facial enhancement acupuncture, pregnancy, fertility and menopause. Lecturing at my alma mater, City College of Acupuncture in London, provides a wonderful opportunity to pass on my knowledge to future acupuncturists.

My role will be to support and encourage you to feel empowered on your health journey. Chinese medicine views health like a tree; with deep roots that cause ill health and branches that represent symptoms. We will work together to address those roots and branches with treatment and practical lifestyle advice that works for you.

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